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About us

Welcome to Bang-Bang, Bang-Bang sells building products to builders, decorators, farmers or anybody else who likes Bang-Bang.

Bang-Bang building products was started by Sam van Asten
Sam was born in the Netherlands, but has been living in New Zealand since 2003.
He has been working in the building industry for the last 25 years.
Most of the Bang-Bang products are new to the New Zealand market but have been used for many years in the Netherlands and Germany.
Sam started importing building products from Europe to NZ first for his own use.
'When I start working as a plasterer here I couldn't find a strong bin to mix one or three bags in one go'.
'So I imported a couple of 85L Big Boy bins.
Since then I have been importing quality products that are used to make a tradesmans life easier."


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On our facebook page you will find heaps of fun stuff because we only take our products seriously, all the rest, not so much:)

If you can't find what you are looking for please text, WhatsApp, call or email us with your request and we can most likely supply it.